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Thomas Neustupny

Since 2001: Developer in the ArgoUML project.
Since 200x: Subsystem "Carer" for Code Generation/Reverse Engineering
Since 2008: Moderator in the ArgoUML-Users forum
Since 2008: Module developer in the ArgoUML-Java subproject.

...and most important: User of ArgoUML! ;-)


Current Plans

  • Support for UML 2.x (with eUML, the eclipse UML2 based model implementation)
  • Java module: better Java source code roundtrip
  • Java module: reverse engineering of sequence diagrams


Monday, April 06, 2009

I wonder if this wiki could be used as a blog, so I give it a try. Oh, by the way: my english is not the best, so I apologize in advance for all the pain that I will cause to the readers.

On Saturday I had a long phone call with Andreas Rückert, we talked about the early days of ArgoUML. I'm a project member since 2001, but he could tell me what happened the years before, when Jason Robbins and others started everything, and when ArgoUML became open source. I also had a look in our Ohloh project page to study the great commit timeline a little bit. So my first contribution was to change the Java notation in the diagrams into UML notation, because ArgoUML should be a general UML modeling tool, not just for Java programmers. I also remember that later in the same year I changed the class compartements to not only be one text area (!!!) for all attributes (or operations), but one text figure for each of them. After this I found a commit with the comment "starting pluggable diagram support", and I can't even remember, because diagramming is really not my area! Funny...

So these were my beginnings, and since then I (try to) concentrate on reverse engineering and code generation. With long intervals of pausing from ArgoUML, I must admit.