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Wiki: linus/Todo

2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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This is Linus Tolke's list of things that I want to remember to follow up on.

Project Leader

  • License change. ***
    • Publish the decision.
      • Dev list. - Done.
      • News item.
      • Contact all authors.
    • Update the Checkstyle rule. - Done.
    • The About box. - Done.
    • Include License in the distribution.
    • Add the EPL to all source modules - Done.
    • Except for:
      • argouml-pattern-wizard project has strange license.
      • argouml-sql project has a strange problem. - Done.
      • non-java files (properties and xml).
    • The documentation. - Done (also quick-guide).
    • Update the projects. - Done.
    • Change the header template for new modules to include only the EPL. - Done.
  • Other-language user communities.
  • Approval tests. *

To monitor

  • User site fee payment renewal.
  • ArgoEclipse News item.

  • Formal Methods integration.
  • Tigris investigation (custom title).
  • Pdf version of documentation in Chinese.

Web site and wiki

Lower priority


  • Update the language status generation script to include java (?).
  • Fix CPD problems in the argouml-java project (similar code for reveng and reveng.classfile).

Vague plans

  • Better development environment for module developers (maven?).
  • Improve the Checkstyle checks. *

Nightly build maintainer

Far out

  • svnsync to mangle externals.

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