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Wiki: Writing Documentation in the ArgoUML Project

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The documentation is written using DocBook XML V4.1.2. This is the User Manual and the Quick Guide. This section covers some conventions for use of DocBook and for the documentation in general. It also includes some information for tooling configuration, e.g. for Emacs with the psgml package.

The documentation is developed in the Tigris project argouml-documentation at argouml-documentation.

This Cookbook is currently also written in DocBook but still (November 2008) resides in the main argouml project. Sometimes in December 2008 this will be moved into a wiki on the ArgoUML web site and the DocBook source and tools can be removed.


  • "We" in the documents means the persons reading the document. For the Quick-guide and User Manual this means the user using ArgoUML. For the Cookbook this means the developer working with improving ArgoUML.
  • "I" in the document refers to the author and is only used to denote the authors personal opinion. Avoid using it!
  • Use the active voice.
  • Use plain rather than elegant language.
  • Use specific and concrete terms rather than vague generalities.
  • Break up your writing into short sections, each section dealing with a single topic.
  • Use the present tense.
  • Opt for an informal rather than a formal style.


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