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Wiki: When Working with the Build Process

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For the build.xml files we use the following rules.

  • Be careful when downloading stuff.
  • ArgoUML is supposed to be a self-contained development environment. Some times it is better to have things downloaded from the ant script instead of from the repository. In that case separate the download-targets from the target that does building so that it is easy for everyone to know when their development machine is working against the Internet and when it is not.
  • Public targets shall have descriptions. Non-public targets shall not have descriptions (write xml comments or echos instead).
  • Use ant-built-ins for everything.
  • ArgoUML is supposed to be a self-contains development environment. If you feel tempted to use other tools (perl, sed, nsgmls), don't! They are probably not present in all environments where we want to run a development environment.


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