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= Using GIT and Gerrit/Advocacy =

This has the following benefits:
 * Anyone can check-in to the Gerrit server.
   . No role in the project is needed.
   . The commits are eventually approved by someone with special rights in the
   gerrit server and this causes a commit in the subversion repository in the Tigris project.
 * The Continuous Integration server tests the change before it is approved.
 * The Gerrit server can be used to discuss the commit before it is approved.

It has the following problems:
 * You will work with git instead of subversion.
   . If you have not used git before you need to learn the commands and
   the principles.
   . On the other hand, this is surely a benefit for those who prefer git.
 * You tigris id will not be the one doing the commit in subversion.
   . Mitigate by writing your name in the commit message.
 * The testmodels are not available in the same place as they are when checking out with subversion.
   . If building with maven, this is solved by having the tests project
   provided as a maven resource instead.
 * The set of ignored files are not mirrored between git and subversion.
   . This is a shortcoming in the git function that does the subversion
 * The current Gerrit host is not backed-up.
   . Mitigate by keeping your copy of the work (i.e. your git clone)
   safe until your work is eventually committed into subversion.