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Wiki: UML 2.x Model Interchange

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OMG members have formed the Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG) to demonstrate and facilitate interoperability between UML-based modeling tools. See their Wiki page for actual information:


We adress the topic of UML 2.x model interchange by using the listed test cases on that page to ensure that ArgoUML performs well in UML2 mode. So, this page is organized around these sample models.

Test Cases 1 to 6: UML 2.1.1 - XMI 2.1

Description of tests

Test Import 1

Import the XMI file from OMG link and use "File>Import XMI..." Then, try do draw the diagram by drag'n'drop and list what is missing or what is wrong. If something missing in the view, use the property panel to show (for instance: public/protected/private) it. It is possible to change your settings (Edit/Setting...) to view it.

Other Test

Other Import ? Export ? (See http://syseng.nist.gov/se-interop/sysml/validator)

Test case 1 (Revision 1)

Description: It's a simple static structure model, visualized by the following class diagram: ...

Test Import 1

Test version: PRE-33.2 /

  1. Aggregation and composition are reversed => fixed

  2. The edge between Comment and Class3 is missing => fixed

  3. In the OMG diagram, "testCase1" appear. With ArgoUML, the project is the first package. So, the diagram is under hil, and we never show it. (Is it a real problem ?)
  4. Initial value can't be display in property panel.Exception appear

Related Issue / Dev. Mailing list

Issue: 6208, 6212

Test Case 2

This is an enhanced static structure model, this time including package and constraints.

Test Case 3

This test case consists of a profile and it's application in a simple static structure model.

Further Test Cases

Test Cases 4 to 6 (more to come) are still missing here.