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Wiki: The ArgoUML development environment

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Which tools are part of the ArgoUML development environment?

These tools are provided by the development environment that you get when you do a command line check-out, or when you import the argouml-command-line-build.psf Eclipse Team Project Set file, see http://argouml.tigris.org/psf/.

  • Ant, the tool to manage compiling and packaging.
  • mdrant, the integration allowing to run mdr from ant.
  • ANTLR, for regenerating the built-in parser.
  • JUnit, for running the JUnit test cases.
  • JDepend, for examining the code.

For building the documentation from DocBook format, the following tools are also provided with the command-line check-out development environment or when you import the argouml-doc-projectset.psf Eclipse Team Project Set file, see http://argouml.tigris.org/psf/.

  • Saxon for building documentation from DocBook format.

  • fop for generating PDF versions of the DocBook format.

To build a PDF file with the pictures included you need Jimi which is downloaded separately. See Jimi.

What libraries are needed and used by ArgoUML?

These libraries are provided in the development environment that you get when you check out from the repository. They are checked by the Java compiler when compiling, needed for running ArgoUML and therefore distributed with ArgoUML.

  • MDR, the Netbeans Model Data Repository. This library provides services to manipulate both the UML metamodel and the users model. It includes services to serial/deserialize to/from XMI. This is included in the files jmi.jar, jmiutils.jar, mdrapi.jar, mof.jar, nbmdr.jar, openide-util.jar.
  • GEF graph editing framework, available from gef.tigris.org. If you would like the GEF sources for reference, please consult their web site for directions on checking them out.
  • The OCL package to parse and run the Object Constraint Language things.

    Details about the package are available from SourceForge OCL Compiler.

  • log4j, a library with infrastructure for logs.
  • antlrall, the run-time part of the ANTLR tool.
  • swidgets, a library providing the buttons used by ArgoUML. See the project at Swidgets project.
  • toolbar, a library providing the toolbar functions used by ArgoUML. See the project at Toolbar project.


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