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Wiki: SubsystemTemplate

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Purpose:: To blablabla Located:: org.argouml.blablabla Facade class:: org.argouml.blablabla.Blabla (if any) Plug-in interface ?SomeInterface:: org.argouml.blablabla.?BlablablaSomeInterface Plug-in interface ?SomeOtherInterface:: org.argouml.blablabla.?BlablablaSomeOtherInterface

Public API

There is a facade class called org.argouml.blablabla.Blabla (if any).

For purpose X use the class org.argouml.blablabla.X.

For purpose Y use the class org.argouml.blablabla.Y.

How do I...?

...use the Public API?:: blablabla

Design of the subsystem

Used sybsystems

This subsystem uses the following other subsystems:

  • ?<<Subsystem>> S1 through it's facade class for the purpose of...

  • ?<<Subsystem>> S2 through its API SAPI for the purpose of...