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Wiki: Strategic Planning

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This page outlines the overall direction of the ArgoUML project.

The Project

(promotion, team recruitment, cooperations, mission statement, organization etc.)

There is no agreed plan so far.

Strategic Areas

Some important areas are identified, but no agreed plan so far.

Strategic Release Planning

This section contains a high level plan of past and future releases.

Release 0.26

This release introduces UML profile support. Custom profiles can be created and used. This offers a convenient solution for other projects that rely on profiles, like AndroMDA (andromda.org) and ArchGenXML (plone.org)

Release 0.28

This release integrates the results of the GSoC projects. A new sequence diagram implementation (also a GSoC result) is provided. Additionally, further functionality is moved into separate modules.

Release 0.30

No agreed plan so far.

Release 1.0

No agreed plan so far.