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Wiki: Status of eUML

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(This currently just lists Bogdan's status reports. It needs rework.)

eUML Weekly Report - Week 12

From: Bogdan Ciprian Pistol (bogd...@gmail.com) Date: Aug 20, 2007 11:07:03 am



  • removed the plugin dependencies from EMF&UML2 Eclipse plugins and selected some jars from the plugins to be part of eUML's classpath. Now it's possible to use ArgoUML with eUML without any additional dependencies.

  • defined a general command stack that was overlapping with ?ModelMementos and ?UndoManager, and at Tom's and Bob's suggestions I use ?ModelMemento notifications but I need to extend the ?UndoManager with additional functionality.

  • general review of eUML with minor changes where there was needed (use the editing domain, repair bugs, etc)
  • fix the XMI ids retrieval functions
  • fix loading files: now loading a file works with XMI and diagrams (zargo)
  • workaround for association end to visually show the navigability correctly because the isNavigable property is not properly use by ArgoUML (I appears that only in UML2.x)
  • fix some elements and functionality from Class Diagram: comments, attributes, contextual menu (right click menu), deletion of elements from the model, using generalizations
  • fix some elements and functionality from Use Case Diagram: includes, excludes (but not quite functional yet).
  • created a demo ArgoUML with eUML model subsystem (I did this to demonstrate the full capabilities of undo/redo of eUML, and because GSoC deadline is today I don't do it the right way -- mementos, etc -- instead I use a modified ArgoUML environment)
  • wrote a presentation of the ArgoUML demo (the email on the dev list about the demo)

JUnit statistics (rHEAD = r13416)

  • Tests: 631 Errors: 20 Failures: 250

Some of these tests fail because are using stereotypes (creates tests), use operations not yet implemented or use reflection on a list of UML1.x elements (so they fail on some element not available in UML2.x, or with its functionality changed)

To do

  • Extend the ?UndoManager and fully use the capabilities of eUML's command stack

  • write & tweak unit tests

  • implement Cut, Paste, Copy
  • implement the correct deletion of elements (deletion is possible, but the elements that ArgoUML expects to be deleted at the same time an element is deleted is not implemented)

eUML Weekly Report - Week 11

From: Bogdan Ciprian Pistol (bogd...@gmail.com) Date: Aug 13, 2007 11:56:28 am


  • test units
  • finish Facade & ?CoreHelper

  • the demo with the current features of eUML


  • I tweaked the existing unit tests and added new methods to test additional functionality (these new tests are general, not eUML specific - except for a test in ?ModelEventPump wich uses "ownedAttribute")

  • Fixed some bugs that I caught during testing and implemented a few methods that I needed.

JUnit statistics (rHEAD = r13311)

  • Tests: 631 Errors: 21 Failures: 259

To do

  • finish the tests
  • finish Classes diagram and Use case diagram
  • create the eUML demo

eUML Weekly Report - Week 9 and 10

From: Bogdan Ciprian Pistol (bogd...@gmail.com) Date: Aug 7, 2007 7:51:42 am

Sorry for the combined reports, I tried to implement all the features planned for week 9 last week, but it took a lot longer and I tried to finish as quickly as I can and then do the report.


  • The relatively easy task (IMO) to complete Facade, ?CoreFactory, ( :) it wasn't that easy, lots of methods)

  • junit tests: I'll use the already existing tests to have a statistics of how much of eUML passes the tests (As Tom suggested I'll use the junit tests to have a quantifiable amount of functionality reported)


  • Completed ?CoreFactory

  • Completed a good part of ?CoreHelper

  • Created a new ?ChangeCommand that updates its label based on some objects, so undo now has a descriptive string about every command that changes the repository

  • Enhanced ?ModelEventPump to pump ?CommandStack events and label updates events for ?ChangeCommand

  • a few minor methods in Facade and ?ModelManagementHelper

To do

  • I want to make a demo with the current features of eUML
  • finish ?CoreHelper

  • Implement Facade
  • test units