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Wiki: Status of eUML

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(This currently just lists Bogdan's status reports. It needs rework.)

eUML Weekly Report - Week 12

From: Bogdan Ciprian Pistol (bogd...@gmail.com) Date: Aug 20, 2007 11:07:03 am List: org.tigris.argouml.dev



  • removed the plugin dependencies from EMF&UML2 Eclipse plugins and selected some jars from the plugins to be part of eUML's classpath. Now it's possible to use ArgoUML with eUML without any additional dependencies.

  • defined a general command stack that was overlapping with ?ModelMementos and ?UndoManager, and at Tom's and Bob's suggestions I use ?ModelMemento notifications but I need to extend the ?UndoManager with additional functionality.

  • general review of eUML with minor changes where there was needed (use the editing domain, repair bugs, etc)
  • fix the XMI ids retrieval functions
  • fix loading files: now loading a file works with XMI and diagrams (zargo)
  • workaround for association end to visually show the navigability correctly because the isNavigable property is not properly use by ArgoUML (I appears that only in UML2.x)
  • fix some elements and functionality from Class Diagram: comments, attributes, contextual menu (right click menu), deletion of elements from the model, using generalizations
  • fix some elements and functionality from Use Case Diagram: includes, excludes (but not quite functional yet).
  • created a demo ArgoUML with eUML model subsystem (I did this to demonstrate the full capabilities of undo/redo of eUML, and because GSoC deadline is today I don't do it the right way -- mementos, etc -- instead I use a modified ArgoUML environment)
  • wrote a presentation of the ArgoUML demo (the email on the dev list about the demo)

JUnit statistics (rHEAD = r13416)

  • Tests: 631 Errors: 20 Failures: 250

Some of these tests fail because are using stereotypes (creates tests), use operations not yet implemented or use reflection on a list of UML1.x elements (so they fail on some element not available in UML2.x, or with its functionality changed)

To do

  • Extend the ?UndoManager and fully use the capabilities of eUML's command stack

  • write & tweak unit tests

  • implement Cut, Paste, Copy
  • implement the correct deletion of elements (deletion is possible, but the elements that ArgoUML expects to be deleted at the same time an element is deleted is not implemented)