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Wiki: Setting up Maven

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To compile with Maven (this is probably more of a vision than it is working):

  • Make sure you have Maven installed.
  • Configure the two argouml repositories in your settings.xml file. Like this

    <settings xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/SETTINGS/1.0.0"
          <id>ArgoUML repositories</id>
              <name>ArgoUML snapshots</name>
              <name>ArgoUML released artifacts</name>
  • Check out the part of argouml you want to work with from subversion: svn co http://argouml.tigris.org/svn/argouml/trunk/src/argouml-core-notation.

  • Compile with maven mvn compile.

  • Run tests with maven mvn tests.

If you would want to work from within Eclipse, you should know that there is a conflict between the .project and .classpath files currently in the repository and the pom.xml file that controls all dependencies when running maven. Until a decision is made to move entirely to maven, you will have to avoid checking in the changes to the .project and .classpath files that are caused by Eclipse recalculating the dependencies based on the contents of the pom.xml file.


During 2011 the first experiments with Maven were done. This was first done to improve the tool set-up in the continuous integration server and later as a possibility to improve the build environment for any user.