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Wiki: Responsibility: Developer role

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Developer role

This role is registered by the Tigris framework.

  • Keep yourself updated on the current development, tools, policies, rules and coding standards used in the project so that you can do commits that agree with the direction of the project.
  • When you receive mail from people that want to contribute to the project, you help them commit their contributions or suggest that they should contact someone else.
  • Among the people sending you contributions you keep an eye out for new developers and suggest them to the Project Leader.

Expectation on persons with any specific responsibility

For all roles and responsibilities it is expected:

  • that you suggest improvements of the role you have and how it is defined in the page, and
  • that you notify the project leader if, for any reason, you feel that you don't want that responsibility any more or when you feel that you cannot fulfill your responsibilities.

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