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Wiki: ReleaseSchedule

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Release Schedule

The release dates are planned in the calendar on this page.

For the big picture, see the Strategic Planning.

Detailed plan for the upcoming release

There is a [Google calendar] with the dates.

/0.32 Development Releases details including dates.

0.30.2 2010-07-01

swimlanes in diagrams unusable. Existing users diagrams with swimlanes can't have new transitions added. (we have had two reports of this in a short time)

activity diagrams can't be used for AndroMDA users in the way described in their tutorial (part of which I thing we wrote).

Main Contents of Past Releases

For details see [/Past Releases in Detail]

Release 0.30

This release introduces a new implementation of property panels. Property panels are now coded in XML files. (These XML files are included in the released archives.)

Release 0.28

This release integrates the results of the GSoC projects. A new sequence diagram implementation (also a GSoC result) is provided. Additionally, further functionality is moved into separate modules.

Release 0.26

This release introduces UML profile support. Custom profiles can be created and used. This offers a convenient solution for other projects that rely on profiles, like AndroMDA (andromda.org) and ArchGenXML (plone.org)