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Wiki: Project Members with Responsibilities

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The following people are committed to advancing the ArgoUML project and have been doing work towards the 0.28 release (alphabetical order):

  • b001 (Bogdan Pistol) (Responsibility: Developer role, Speciality: Eclipse integration. )

  • bobtarling (Bob Tarling) (Responsibility: Developer role, Subsystem responsible for Diagrams, Model, GUI, Persistence. , Specialty: User Interface, Usability, GEF)

  • braunharald (Harald Braun) (Responsibility: German localization, Developer role in the argouml-de project )
  • dthompson (Dave Thompson) (Responsibility: Developer role)

  • euluis (Luis Sergio Oliveira) (Responsibility: C++ module, Subsystem responsible for modules - C++, Developer role in the argouml-cpp project, Proxy for the Open Usability project. )
  • janmande (Jan Magne Andersen) (Responsibility: Csharp module, Subsystem responsible for modules - Csharp )
  • linus (Linus Tolke) (Responsibilities: Project leader, Market communicator, Release Responsible all releases, Editor of the Cookbook, Web master for the Developer Zone, Recruitment of new developers, Mailing list moderator for the dev list, Subsystem responsible for Build scripts and tools, Internationalization, Module Loader, website/Java Web Start, website/Contents, Other, , Web master for the User Site.)

  • maurelio1234 (Marcos Aurelio) (Responsibility: Developer role)

  • mvw (Michiel van der Wulp) (Responsibility: Editor for the User Manual and Quick Guide, Subsystem responsible for Documentation and Help , Developer role)
  • penyaskito (Christian López Espínola) (Responsibility: Developer role, Subsystem responsible for Sequence Diagrams )

  • polygon7 (Lukasz Gromanowski) (Responsibility: Developer role in the C++ project, maintainer of the users' web site)

  • tfmorris (Tom Morris) (Responsibility: Developer role, Subsystem responsible for Model/MDR , Quality Engineer, Editor of the users' FAQ, Specialty: MDR)

  • thn (Thomas Neustupny) (Responsibility: Developer role, Subsystem responsible for ?CodeGeneration/ReverseEnginnering , Specialties: Code Generation (CG), Reverse Engineering (RE) and Round-Trip Engineering (RTE))

The following persons has been working with previous releases:

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