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Wiki: Moderation of a mailing list

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When a mail is sent to one of the argouml mailing lists and it is not automatically approved, it is sent to the moderator for approval.

The moderator approves or rejects it by sending a mail to one of the mail addresses in the mail he receives.

If the moderator rejects the mail, a message can be sent to the original poster.

Here is a suggestion of such a message that Linus Tolke uses on the argouml dev list:

%%% Start comment


You have written a mail to an ArgoUML mailing list. Your 
mail was not automatically approved by the mailing list 
mechanism but instead sent to me, the moderator, for 
approval. Most likely, this is because you are not 
subscribed to the list or the from field of the sent 
mail was different from the mail address that is 
subscribed to the list so the list mechanism don't 
consider you as subscribed.

As a moderator, I assume that this was a misstake. 
Either a misstake to send the mail to the list in the 
first place since the list don't accept mails from 
non-subscribers, or a misstake in using the incorrect 
from address. For this reason I have not approved you 
mail for the mailing list. If the misstake was that you 
had forgot to subscribe, please subscribe and resend the 
mail. If the misstake was that you used the incorrect 
from address, please resend the mail using the correct 
from address.

If this is not a misstake, I assume that this is because 
you are subscribed to the mailing list with one mail 
address and wants to (or has to) send mails using another. 
This is possible, however some special allowing is 
possible. If this is the case, please send me a mail at 
linus@tigris.org explaining this and including your two 
mail addresses, and then send the mail immediately again. 
Then I will approve the mail and allow your mail address 
so that future postings will go through immediately.

There are two reasons for not allowing posts to the list 
without being a member. The first one is from a spam 
fighting perspecting. The ArgoUML mailing lists attract 
a fair amount of commercial messages and scams that we 
don't want to resend to all list members. The second one 
is that answers to your postings on the list are always 
sent back to the list. Unless you are a member you will 
miss it. For this reason, if you become a member on the 
list just to send a single mail, please linger on the 
list for a couple of weeks to receive any answers or 
follow-ups to your mail.

I hope that you accept the policy and the measure taken 
by me, the moderator and wish you welcome to the ArgoUML 
project and the mailing list.

        /Linus, moderator of the mailing list

%%% End comment


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