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Wiki: Ideas for GSoC 2010

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In the ArgoUML project we are hoping that we will be able to take part in Google Summer of Code 2010. In 2006, 2007, and 2008 we had a lot of students that improved ArgoUML and vitalised the project.

1. Project ideas

(Write good explanation of each idea. At least 10 lines.)

2. The Students we are looking for

We are looking for enthusiastic students with a solid knowledge of Java, who are interested in software development tools and modeling, particularly the UML modeling language. Most, although not all, tasks will be easier for those who already have an working knowledge of the OMG's UML.

3. The projects we are looking for

This page include a list of suggested projects that the development team has thought of, but we are happy to consider projects which are not listed here.

If you'd like to suggest a different project, please discuss it previously with the team on the developers' mailing list so that you can develop the strongest possible proposal for evaluation. Our bug database (Issuezilla) could be used as inspiration.

4. Quick intro of general information in the project

This wiki contains a lot of information on the design of ArgoUML and how we work in the project. The Cookbook was used before this wiki and is entirely migrated into the wiki so it is presumably less updated.

All discussions about the ArgoUML project, the ideas above, and other ideas, are kept at the developers' mailing list dev@argouml.tigris.org that also is available as a discussion forum on this site (at http://argouml.tigris.org/ds/viewForumSummary.do?dsForumId=450). Join the list on the web site and start your discussions there. Your first posting will have to be manually approved so be patient.