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2020-04-07: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down on 2020-07-01. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep before that date.

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 * [http://argouml-jenkins1.no-ip.biz:8080/ Linus' Hudson server] (slow connection!)
  * [http://argouml-jenkins1.no-ip.biz:8080/job/argouml-junit-java6/lastCompletedBuild/testReport/ Java6 CI test result] ([http://argouml-jenkins1.no-ip.biz:8080/job/argouml-junit-java6/rssAll RSS All Builds], [http://argouml-jenkins1.no-ip.biz:8080/job/argouml-junit-java6/rssFailed RSS Failed])
  * [http://argouml-jenkins1.no-ip.biz:8080/job/nightly/ Nightly build]
   * [http://argouml-jenkins1.no-ip.biz:8080/job/show-findbugs/ Findbugs result]
   * [http://argouml-jenkins1.no-ip.biz:8080/job/show-junit6/ Java6] [http://argouml-jenkins1.no-ip.biz:8080/job/show-junit7/ Java7]
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  * [http://argouml-jenkins1.no-ip.biz:8080/job/show-findbugs Findbugs analysis report]

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