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== Recent project discussions ==
 * The Google Summer of Code 2009. We are hoping to be accepted as an organization again and working with the project ["Ideas for GSoC 2009"].
 * Stable release 0.28 is currently in the final part of the beta period. Planned to release on Thursday (see the [http://argouml.tigris.org/release_plan.html Release plan]
=== Recent project discussions ===
 * ["Repository_Comparison_With_Model_Interface"] (!MarkMail: [http://markmail.org/thread/7rgyndelxggpqnyd 1])
 * Old UML 2.x threads (!MarkMail: [http://argouml.markmail.org/message/sfm5qwkxujjxglia 1] [http://argouml.markmail.org/message/t4lbuxnwz4kp5e4e 2] [http://argouml.markmail.org/message/lq4itks3x6lxzpjm 3])

Recent project discussions

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