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The work with moving can be monitored on the MoveCookbookToWiki page.

To add a page to this category, add a link to this page on the last line of the page. You can add multiple categories to a page.

This is all the information from the old Cookbook (used up until 2008). Once the whole Cookbook is entered and restructured for Wiki purposes we could probably abandon this.

List of pages in this category:

  1. <<Layer>> Loadable subsystems
  2. <<Layer>> Low-level subsystems
  3. <<Layer>> Top Level subsystem
  4. <<Layer>> View and Control subsystems
  5. <<Subsystem>> Application
  6. <<Subsystem>> Code Generation Subsystem
  7. <<Subsystem>> Configuration
  8. <<Subsystem>> Critics and other cognitive tools
  9. <<Subsystem>> Explorer
  10. <<Subsystem>> Help System
  11. <<Subsystem>> Internationalization
  12. <<Subsystem>> Java - Code Generation and Reverse Engineering
  13. <<Subsystem>> Logging
  14. <<Subsystem>> Model
  15. <<Subsystem>> Module loader
  16. <<Subsystem>> Notation
  17. <<Subsystem>> OCL
  18. <<Subsystem>> Other source languages (C++, Python, etc)
  19. <<Subsystem>> Persistence
  20. <<Subsystem>> Property panels/Old Implementation
  21. <<Subsystem>> TaskManagement
  22. <<Subsystem>> The GUI
  23. <<Subsystem>> To Do items
  24. Ambitions for localization
  25. ArgoUML Design, The Big Picture
  26. ArgoUML requirements
  27. Attributes of an issue
  28. Branches in the Repository
  29. Build Process
  30. Building from source
  31. CategoryFromCookbook
  32. Cookbook
  33. Definition of subsystem
  34. DocBook Conventions
  35. Docbook editing For Eclipse Users
  36. Docbook editing For Emacs Users
  37. Document Conventions
  38. Downloading from the Subversion repository
  39. Extending ArgoUML
  40. External subsystems
  41. Generating documentation
  42. How to Close an Issue
  43. How to Create a Stable Release
  44. How to contribute
  45. How to relate issues to problems in dependencies
  46. How to resolve an Issue
  47. Jason Robbins Dissertation
  48. Jimi
  49. Making a release
  50. Martin Skinners Dissertation
  51. Moderation of a mailing list
  52. Organization of ArgoUML documentation
  53. Organizing translators
  54. Preparations for building
  55. Processes for the ArgoUML project
  56. Quick Start
  57. Relationship of the subsystems
  58. Repository Contents
  59. Roles Of The Workers
  60. Setting up Eclipse 3
  61. Settings for Emacs
  62. Settings for NetBeans
  63. Source layout
  64. Terminology
  65. The ArgoUML development environment
  66. The JUnit test cases
  67. The big picture for Issues
  68. User Manual Plans
  69. When Committing to the Repository
  70. When Considering Dependencies
  71. When Working with the Build Process
  72. When Writing Java Code
  73. Writing Documentation in the ArgoUML Project


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