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Wiki: Ambitions for localization

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An ArgoUML subproject is created for each Language Team.

The subproject has the following that is used in building a community:

  • A web site
  • Ideally the site should match the main ArgoUML site, page by page, with a footer on every page with flags of all the languages that that specific page exist in so that it is easy to travel between languages. Missing pages should be linked to the main ArgoUML counterpart.
  • Alas there is no tool support on Tigris to help in this.
  • Mailing lists
  • The users@argouml-language code.tigris.org should be for user and dev@argouml-language code.tigris.org for persons discussing the building of the site or the translation. Discussions on both lists should be carried out in the actual language.


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