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ArgoUML logo update proposal

This proposal is to update the ArgoUML logo to a more modern looking design, at a higher resolution, for use in the application, installers and web pages. Alexandre da Silva has contributed some artwork, and this proposal is to make use of it.

Reasons for suggesting the change:

  • Existing icons are inconsistent (website/application/help-about)
  • Existing ArgoUML.ico is low resolution and needs updating

Places where the new logo will be used:

Location Existing Proposal
The favicon.ico for argouml[xxx].tigris.org.
The logo on the argouml[xxx].tigris.org web site
The application icon when ArgoUML runs in windows (title bar, task bar, child windows)
The argouml installers
In any ArgoUML documentation
The help > about box in ArgoUML.
By anyone promoting ArgoUML


  1. Don't change anything - leave logos as they are for the forseeable future.
  2. Change to this new logo now.
  3. Wait for alternative contributions

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