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More ideas on how to incorporate the Eclipse plug-in handler

  • It should be a plugin itself, maybe internal in ArgoUML.
    • It will be used in the stand-alone version of Argouml, and downloaded by default with the package.
    • It shouldn't be downloaded when using the Eclipse framework (or at least it should be disabled). In this case, the updater of Eclipse should be used.
  • For the reason above, the plugin repository must be compatible with the Eclipse updates system.
  • It should be able of updating argouml itself.
  • It should be strict about the plugins' compatibility with the current argouml version.
  • It should mimetize the Synaptic UI (or not, but I think that this is a great software with a similar focus).
  • It should require to accept the plugin licenses before downloading anything.
  • It should support Restricted and open repositories, as in Debian. Maybe stable and experimental ones too.
  • The user should be able to add new repositories, the system shouldn't work only with the argouml-downloads one.
  • Notify when a new argouml release is not compatible with installed plugins (if there are compatible versions of the plugins, download them too).
  • Atomic installation. If the installation fails, the system mustn't be damaged.
  • The UI should have a checkbox "Show only compatible updates". Obvious behaviour.
  • The UI should have a checkbox "Show all versions of modules". Obvious behaviour.
  • Search functionality for searching into the plugins database.