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Internationalization teams in ArgoUML

The following projects are dedicated for the internationalization and localization work for the ArgoUML project.

Each language/region/country has its own project. It it the responsibility of the project to organize the work in the best way for that language.

Each project has, to its disposal:
  • A users' mailing list for discussions among the ArgoUML users that prefer to discuss in their native tongue.
  • Other mailing lists can be created if needed.
  • A Tigris web site. The web site is both a translation of the ArgoUML users' web site, and a web site for coordinating and marketting the specific localization. The parts that should (if existing) be a translation of the ArgoUML users' web site are: Tour, Documentation, Project information linked from Documentation (umlsupport, contribute, ...), FAQ, Quick guide, and User Manual.
  • Tools from the Tigris web site: membership, mailing lists, news items, and file sharing.
Any questions to Linus Tolke that is trying to coordinate things over all the projects.

If a language is not enabled in this page, it means that the localization of the application has not even started.

If you want to know the status of a certain localization you can look at the comparison page.
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