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ArgoUML History

This is the ArgoUML History depicted as a timeline. Currently it is very incomplete because the initial author (Linus Tolke) don't know that much about the ancient history of ArgoUML. Hopefully some of the persons that has been around for long (Jason, Marko, Toby...) can fill in the blanks and questions marks and answer the questions.
1983 The ONCOCIN and ATTENDING systems use "critiquing" as a new approach to computer support of complex decision-making processes.
1993 June Jason Robbins works on graphical programming environment based on Smalltalk called the Object Block Programming Environment (OBPE) at Rockwell International.
1994 January? Gerhard Fischer visits UC Irvine where Jason Robbins is a grad student and gives a talk about design environments.
1994 March? Jason Robbins and Peyman Oreizy build the "Software Experimenter" as a class project in Self.
1994 July Jason Robbins uses OBPE to build an early design environment for the C2 architecture style. This is the first iteration of the design.
1995 April Jason Robbins demos Argo at the ICSE-17 conference.
1995 July Jason Robbins uses OBPE to build ArgoOMT, this version has an abstract critiquing engine, named "stargo". This is the second iteration of the design.
1995 September Jason Robbins leads a team of undergraduate students to build a new graph editing framework that will eventually evolve into GEF.
1995 October UML 0.8 released.
1995 December Jason Robbins builds Java version of Argo for C2, this version has an abstract critiquing engine, named "jargo". This is the third iteration of the design.
1996 June First reference to the name Argo name in the paper: "Extending Design Environments to Software Architecture Design" by Jason E. Robbins, David M. Hilbert, and David F. Redmiles. Published in Knowledge-Based Software Engineering 1996.
1996 June UML 0.9 released.
1996 July GEF 0.1 finished.
1996 July "jargo" released.
1996 October UML 0.9.1 released.
1997 January UML 1.0 Submitted to OMG.
1997 January GEF 0.3 released, web site and mailing list set up.
1997 November UML 1.1 adopted by OMG.
1998 April The first preliminary versions of Argo/UML were distributed from the university web site (www.ics.uci.edu). This is the fourth iteration of the design.
1998 ArgoUML matured into a usable CASE tool with special features to help designers with the cognitve challenges of object-oriented design.
1999 February ArgoUML was made into an Open Source project.
??Jim Holt writes the XMI parser for ArgoUML
??Tigris was founded
??Curt Arnold created the new property panels
?? Deployment, component, object and sequence diagrams were implemented.
1999 Shafqat Ullah made two bachelors thesis based on ArgoUML:
  • Model Animator: Animated Visualization of Systems Dynamics in UML Models (1999)
  • A Real-time Interpreter for the OCL (1999)
?? Five more bachelors and masters thesis were directly connected to ArgoUML.

Who are they? Can we list the names and abstracts?

1999 April ArgoUML 0.7.0 was released.
2000 January ArgoUML moves to Tigris.
2000 January Toby Baier introduced NSUML as a substitute for ArgoUMLs own metamodel. This work was part of his master thesis.
2000 March Frank Finger and Toby Baier integrate the OCL lib into ArgoUML on the OCL Workshop in Canterbury.
2000 March UML 1.3 is released
2000 June XMI 1.0 is released
2000 September Thorsten Sturm changed the package structure introducing the org.argouml.*
2000 October ArgoUML 0.8.1a was released.
2000 November Gentleware was founded.
2000 November Ralf Wiebtcke integrates the OCL "Wizard"
2001 April Jason Robbins hands over project leadership to Toby Baier.
2001 June Poseidon for UML was released by Gentleware.
2001 November Name was changed from Argo/UML to ArgoUML.
2002 May ArgoUML 0.10 was released.

This (the 0.9.9 release) marks the beginning of the odd/even release schedule with 0.even releases as stable releases and 0.odd releases as developer releases.

2002 June Toby Baier leaves project leader role to Linus Tolke.
2002 September UML 1.5 was released.
2002 October ArgoUML 0.12 was released.
2002 December ArgoUML is featured in the book "Java Software Engineering unter Linux" (german) by Oliver Böhm (SuSE Press)
2003 August ArgoUML 0.14 was released.
2004 September ArgoUML 0.16.1 was released.
2005 April 13th UML 1.4.2 was approved as an ISO standard (ISO/IEC 19501:2005.)
2005 April ArgoUML 0.18.1 was released.
2006 February ArgoUML 0.20 was released.
2006 Summer ArgoUML had four student projects sponsored by Google in the Google Summer of Code 2006. The students were:
  • Ion Savin
  • Pistol Constandache Bogdan Ciprian
  • Martin Harrigan
  • Andrea Nironi
2006 August ArgoUML 0.22 was released.
2006 September The repository was converted from CVS to Subversion. At this point the project is split over 33 Tigris projects.
2007 February ArgoUML 0.24 was released.
2007 Summer ArgoUML had 6 student projects sponsored by Google in the Google Summer of Code 2007. The students were:
  • Marcos Aurélio
  • Jian Zheng
  • Bogdan Ciprian Pistol
  • Christian López Espínola
  • Dzmitri Churbanau
  • Aleksandar Vucetic
2008 Summer ArgoUML had 5 student projects sponsored by Google in the Google Summer of Code 2008. The students were:
  • Christian López Espínola
  • Bogdan Szanto
  • Thilina Hasantha
  • Brian Hudson
  • Marcos Aurélio
2008 September ArgoUML 0.26 was released.
2008 November ArgoUML 0.26.2 was released.
2009 March ArgoUML 0.28 was released. New sequence diagram, draggable edge labels, C# source import, new diagram icons.
2009 August ArgoUML 0.28.1 was released.
2010 March ArgoUML 0.30 was released.
2010 May ArgoUML 0.30.1 was released.
2010 July ArgoUML 0.30.2 was released.
2011 February ArgoUML 0.32 and 0.32.1 were released.
2011 April ArgoUML 0.32.2 was released.
2011 December ArgoUML 0.34 was released.
2014 August ArgoUML 0.35.1 was released.

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