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Re: [argouml-users] A joy to use? (not)

Author "=?utf-8?Q?aaime at libero dot it?=" <aaime at libero dot it>
Full name "=?utf-8?Q?aaime at libero dot it?=" <aaime at libero dot it>
Date 2002-11-26 06:40:38 PST
Message > I think you'll find that's a general "problem" with most modelling
> tools. They're either brain-dead with no knowledge of the domain but
> easy to quickly knock-up a rough model - or the reverse. Know all about
> UML and enforce it even if you'd rather it didn't just now thanks. I
> think it would be a nice idea if you could "relax" argo when you need
> to.
> I don't think allowing you to enter un-typed attributes (as you were
> talking about) would be the answer - what happens when you decide to
> turn back on checking ? I think a nice solution would be to have an
> option to have Argo default the type of the attribute (String would be
> the most sensible imo but could be user defined). Perhaps this could be
> done on a per=package basis so that, if you wanted to, you could
> maintain these old rough models whilst evolving the rest of the system
> Edward

Ok,the default type idea would be good, but not complete, what I'd
really like is to:
- attach a default type if not specified
- have a switch so that attribute types are not shown, but only theirs
  names (would be good for domain models that you want to show to a
  stakeholder that it's not a software develeper... ever being asked
  something like "what's that 'float' thing?'... consider a stakeholder
  that does not understand english and the comedy is complete)
Ah, of course the idea of keeping the basic models in a separate package
is a good one (I like it :-)
Best regards
Andrea Aime

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Re: [argouml-users] A joy to use? (not) "=?utf-8?Q?aaime at libero dot it?=" <aaime at libero dot it> "=?utf-8?Q?aaime at libero dot it?=" <aaime at libero dot it> 2002-11-26 06:40:38 PST
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