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GEF (code reorganization, etc.)

Author Michael Niederjohann <mnn at telelogic dot de>
Full name Michael Niederjohann <mnn at telelogic dot de>
Date 2000-03-07 01:11:04 PST
Message Greetings! I´m posting this here, because there
seems to be no mailing list for GEF at tigris
right now.

Is the 15th of march still the release date for
complete code reorganization? Will it be available
to the public then?

And another question. How can I place the drawing
editor into a JSplitPane for example. This is
possible, isn´t it? Can I change the basic menus
and the toolbar of the drawing editor?

Regards, Michael.

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GEF (code reorganization, etc.) Michael Niederjohann <mnn at telelogic dot de> Michael Niederjohann <mnn at telelogic dot de> 2000-03-07 01:11:04 PST
     Re: [argouml-dev] GEF (code reorganization, etc.) jrobbins9 Jason Robbins 2000-03-07 15:25:02 PST
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