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Re: [argouml-users] version history in .9.2

Author andreas
Full name Andreas Rueckert
Date 2001-04-17 05:16:28 PDT
Message Hi!

On Die, 17 Apr 2001 Denny wrote:
> Forgive the cross posting...
> <question>
> When I download .9.2 and check the version history I find:
> ArgoUML Version 0.9.1
> Built on March 2nd of 2001
> Have I done something wrong? I'm using WebStart.
> </question>
> <answer>
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 14:08:34 +0000
From: Toby Baier <Toby dot Baier at gmx dot net>
Subject: [argouml-dev] ANN: ArgoUML 0.9.2
Hi all,
I just uploaded a new dot-release, 0.9.2, and updated the web pages
about it. Please check it out and report any problems. It is also
available via JavaWebStart, hope it works.
Known release bugs: I didn't update the version tab in Splash screen, it
still says that it's 0.9.1 build somewhen in March. And: GEF.jar claims
it is 0.9.post1-cvs, which is not true. I wasn't able to find this
bug... I guess it's not that important.
> </answer>


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