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[argouml-modules-dev] Argo for RT

Author slopes
Full name Sergio Lopes
Date 2003-10-07 10:13:47 PDT
Message Hi,

In my research project I'm working with UML for Real-Time. For the time
being, I'm interested in contributing by extending Argo to support the UML
Real-Time specification from OMG, which is an extension of the UML standard
(i.e., not adding meta-model changes).
Is someone working on this already?

If not, basically, what is needed is some new figs to add in the several UML
diagrams to visually support the addition of RT stereotypes and RT tagged
It would be nice to do that in a module (so the code will require only minor
changes to go with future Argo releases), but I need help in finding the
best approach to do this: new property panels, new toolbar elements, copying
all the diagrams and adding RT options to them (no, please! :) )...

What do you think?

Sergio Lopes.

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