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Re: [argouml-users] Collaboration Diagrams

Author dennyd
Full name Dennis Daniels
Date 2001-05-08 07:38:27 PDT
Message Hello Aaron
It doesn't look like anyone was able to answer your question...did you
figure it out? If so what is the answer?


Aaron Aston wrote:
> iH:
> On Friday there was a question on how to add messages to collaboration
> diagram associations (from James Brannan). I'm having the same problems --
> anyone know the answer to this?
> I'm using version "0.9.1" (which is actually 0.9.2 I think ...).
> Here's what I've tried:
> 1) create a 'ClassifierRole'
> 2) create another 'ClassifierRole'
> 3) create an 'AssociationRole' between the two classifiers
> At this point I expected the 'Add Message' button to become enabled -- but
> it remains in the disabled state. Is this a bug, or am I (we?) doing
> something wrong?
> ____________________
> Aaron Aston
> Enghouse Systems
> aaston at enghouse dot com
> 905.946.3243

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