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ArgoUML 0.8

Author Davide <damdave at libero dot it>
Full name Davide <damdave at libero dot it>
Date 2000-10-19 12:17:20 PDT
Message Hi, I'm a student of Informatic Engineering in Pisa, and I have to use
ArgoUML in the course of Software Engineering but I have a problem.
When I try to generate the code (F7 key) for all the classes, a dialog
appears reporting the following message:
' In order to generate Java files, you need to have
  at least one directory in your CLASSPATH environment variable,
  where ArgoUML can store and compile the files. '

I tried to set the variable CLASSPATH in my WINNT environment
(using SET CLASSPATH=C:\mydir command) but it still doesn't work.

Can you help me, please?

Many thanks
Davide D'Amico

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ArgoUML 0.8 Davide <damdave at libero dot it> Davide <damdave at libero dot it> 2000-10-19 12:17:20 PDT
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