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Closing ArgoUML modules list

Author penyaskito
Full name Christian López Espínola
Date 2008-09-28 14:32:02 PDT
Message Hi all,

After discussion on the ArgoUML developers mailing list, we decided
that the ArgoUML modules list will be removed on October 30th.
The reasons that we have for doing this movement are:

- Initially, this list was created for module developers, so they can
discuss about ArgoUML without "getting distractions" from the main
ArgoUML development. We want to encourage everybody to participate on
the project, so we don't think that splitting our developer community
is a great idea.
- Our development mailing list has not a very high traffic, so people
that want to focus only on module development won't receive a lot of
undesired mail.
- Module developers need to be notified about how ArgoUML evolves, and
this is easier if they are subscribed to our developer mailing list.

Please, subscribe right now to our developer mailing list, and feel
free to post any question, or tell us about what are you doing with

You can subscribe by sending a blank email to
dev-subscribe@argoum​l.tigris.org , or by clicking on Subscribe if you
are a registered user at



Christian López Espínola <penyaskito>

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Closing ArgoUML modules list penyaskito Christian López Espínola 2008-09-28 14:32:02 PDT
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