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RE: [argouml-modules-dev] Argo for RT

Author sz9
Full name Steffen Zschaler
Date 2003-10-10 00:34:37 PDT
Message Hi,

Your original question (adding a toolbar button to the diagram toolbar)
seems to be related to an issue I found quite some time ago. Normally,
what you would do to add a diagram to Argo would be to implement
PluggableDiagram and provide an Action which Argo could use to create a
diagram of yours. The problem with this is, that apparently this
mechanism is not currently implemented in Argo.

This is actually captured by issue 1493



Dipl.-Inf. Steffen Zschaler
Research Assistant

Dresden University of Technology
Department of Computer Science

Phone +49 351 463 38555
Fax +49 351 463 38459
Email Steffen.Zschaler@inf​.tu-dresden.de

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