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[argouml-modules-dev] TableModel* and associated classes

Author Alex Bagehot <alex at bagehot dot net>
Full name Alex Bagehot <alex at bagehot dot net>
Date 2003-08-21 15:04:05 PDT
Message Hi,

I think we have talked about this before but can I ask if anyone uses,
wants to use, understands how to maintain, etc these classes? I think
there is an issue on it.

Policy proposal for the duration of 0.15.*:

- unmaintained or unused code in argouml is considered 'dead wood' and
is deprecated and then removed a development release later.

This will save us time maintaining code that is not actually used or
even understood anymore.


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[argouml-modules-dev] TableModel* and associated classes Alex Bagehot <alex at bagehot dot net> Alex Bagehot <alex at bagehot dot net> 2003-08-21 15:04:05 PDT
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