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[argouml-modules-dev] Menuitem for plugin - how to enable/disable correctly?

Author jenni26t
Full name Jennifer Tenzer
Date 2003-05-02 08:22:12 PDT
Message Hi,

I've started to implement a new diagram type as plugin for Argo. Diagrams
of this type should only be created in the context of a classifier. Does
anyone know how and where an update of the currently enabled menuitems
takes place, and how I can make this work correctly for a module?

Maybe a bit more detail about my problem: I've implemented a class
ActionPSMDiagram which implements PluggableMenu and extends
ActionAddDiagram. Furthermore I override shouldBeEnabled() from UMLAction
such that it only returns true if the target is a classifier. The menuitem
for my diagram in menu "Create Diagrams" is always enabled, also if
something else than a classifier is selected in the NavPane.

Thanks for your help,

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[argouml-modules-dev] Menuitem for plugin - how to enable/disable correctly? jenni26t Jennifer Tenzer 2003-05-02 08:22:12 PDT
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