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[argouml-modules-dev] reduce module development risk

Author Alex Bagehot <alex at bagehot dot net>
Full name Alex Bagehot <alex at bagehot dot net>
Date 2003-04-27 04:22:13 PDT
Message Hi,

Modules development for argouml appears to have a high risk for both
argoUml and the module implementer.

Risks to the module developer:

1) argouml can change any part of its source code without knowing if it
breaks a module.

Risks to ArgoUml

1) as there is no way that an argouml developer can know whether a
change in Argo will break one of the dependant modules.
2) Therefore feedback will arrive possibly months after the change, by
which time the developer who made the change in argo may well have left
or at least forgotten the details!
3) We all know that fixing a change costs more as time passes.

I would like module and argouml developers to discuss how to reduce the
risk. And ensure that a module developer suddently finds that his module
no longer works.

I have a proposal to make:

All modules should access argo through one or more facades.

this would ensure that:
- a change in argo that broke(produced compilation errors) the facade
would give an argo develop instant feedback. He/she could then notify
this list saying that he/she want to make a change that will affect
modules, and module developers can agree/disagree.

looking forward to comments,

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[argouml-modules-dev] reduce module development risk Alex Bagehot <alex at bagehot dot net> Alex Bagehot <alex at bagehot dot net> 2003-04-27 04:22:13 PDT
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