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RE: [argouml-modules-dev] Can't compile java_rte

Author zibba
Full name Peter Johnson
Date 2003-02-03 02:53:56 PST
Message Hi,

Thanks. I didn't do the 'build package' for ArgoUML, so the JAR's never
got made!


-----Original Message-----
From: Thomas N. [mailto:thn-d at gmx dot de]
Sent: Monday, February 03, 2003 2:28 AM
To: modules-dev at argouml dot tigris dot org
Subject: RE: [argouml-modules-dev] Can't compile java_rte


java_rte is just a non-functional GUI experiment. Just compiles fine for
me. In your case, argouml.jar can not be loaded, so all ArgoUML classes
are missing. In your java_rte, there has to be a lib/ directory,
including all .jar files from the ArgoUML build dir (or from the 0.13.1
binary distribution).


Peter wrote:
>I'm trying to compile the java_rte module, but get the following
>errors. I've successfully compiled the rest of ArgoUML. I'm running
>Windows 2000 sp3 and JDK 1.4.1_01
>Can any one help??
>Peter Johnson

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RE: [argouml-modules-dev] Can't compile java_rte zibba Peter Johnson 2003-02-03 02:53:56 PST
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