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[argouml-modules-dev] Visual Basic class diagram generator

Author richardcollette
Full name Richard Collette
Date 2003-01-03 07:05:06 PST
Message Hi,

I'm interested in creating a class diagram generator for
VB/LotusScript. The primary need is for LotusScript which is 99% like VB.

I suppose two options are to either create a module or generate an xml
file. I'm think the module route might be a bit easier, at least

Before embarking on this project.. I'm wondering if anyone else has
already started a VB class generator? And if anyone has a spare moment,
is there a package in the javadocs that I should focus on relating to
class diagram generation?

Any words of advice are greatly appreciated.



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[argouml-modules-dev] Visual Basic class diagram generator richardcollette Richard Collette 2003-01-03 07:05:06 PST
     Re: [argouml-modules-dev] Visual Basic class diagram generator andreas Andreas Rueckert 2003-01-03 07:13:17 PST
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