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[argouml-modules-dev] ArgoPN version 0.3 released

Author n00n
Full name Florent de LAMOTTE
Date 2002-11-17 11:26:12 PST
Message This is the new version of ArgoPN, the module adding PetriNets to ArgoUML.

Beware, this new version will not work with ArgoUML releases prior to 0.13.1 (released today).

This version adds some new features :

    * Saving Opening ArgoUML projects with Petri Nets is now possible (see the tools->PNML menu).
    * The possibility to change the namespace of a PetriNet.
    * New selection buttons.
    * New duplicate function (duplicates selected nodes or content of the clipboard (if no nodes are selected)).
    * Updated to follow the new event model of ArgoUML.

About the future, il will start implementing the new Predicate/Transition model shortly.

As for ArgoPNO, a new version will be released as soon as there is significant progress in ArgoCO.

Enjoy !!



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[argouml-modules-dev] ArgoPN version 0.3 released n00n Florent de LAMOTTE 2002-11-17 11:26:12 PST
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