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argouml-modules-dev JUnit tests and modules

Author n00n
Full name Florent de LAMOTTE
Date 2002-10-31 07:38:19 PST
Message When I started writing tests for ArgoPNO, I created a tests dir in the same
place as src,

I ran my module with the tests cases jar file in the classpath and so I could
run the tests thanks to the JUnit module.

But this morning, one test failed because in the tested class, there was a
call to the current editor (to get the selection Manager, It was something like
Globals.curEditor().​getSelectionManager(​)). It showed to
me that tested classes had no access to the running ArgoUML. since Globals.curEditor()
is null in the test ...

I just wonder what is the real purpose of the JUnit plugin if it is not to be able
to access the running objects from the tests ?

Is there a way to do the test (I can't imagine running ArgoUML in the fixture
is the only solution ...)

thanks in advance


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argouml-modules-dev JUnit tests and modules n00n Florent de LAMOTTE 2002-10-31 07:38:19 PST
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