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[verimag-news] Call for Participation SPIN 2007

Author Marius Bozga <Marius dot Bozga at imag dot fr>
Full name Marius Bozga <Marius dot Bozga at imag dot fr>
Date 2007-06-13 22:40:51 PDT

                 SPIN 2007
      14th International SPIN Workshop on Model Checking Software
                   July 1-3, 2007, Berlin, Germany
                      (affiliated with CAV '2007)


14th International SPIN Workshop on Model Checking Software will be held
in the Park Inn Hotel, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany, July 1-3, 2007,
as a satellite event of the 19th International Conference on Computer
Aided Verification CAV '07.

The workshop programme features invited talks by Rajeev Alur and Dennis
Dams, an invited tutorial by Jiri Barnat and Lubos Brim, and
presentations of 14 regular papers and 4 tool papers.

The preliminary programme and information about the registration can be
found at: http://ls5-www.cs.un​i-dortmund.de/~edelk​amp/spin/

Registration deadline is May 15.



Registration is possible via the CAV conference web site:



The 14th edition of the SPIN workshop series aims at bringing together
practitioners and researchers interested in state space based techniques
for the validation and analysis of software systems.
The workshop focuses on techniques based on explicit representations of
state spaces, as implemented in the SPIN model checker and other tools,
or techniques based on combination of explicit with other
representations. One of the main goals of the workshop is to encourage
interactions and exchanges of ideas with all related areas in
software engineering.

The first SPIN workshop was held in Montreal in 1995. Since 1996,
SPIN workshops have been organized each year as a more or less
closely affiliated event with bigger conferences. An overview of
the previous SPIN workshops can be found at

Invited talks

Rajeev Alur, U. Pennsylvania, USA
Concurrent Executions on Relaxed Memory Models:
Challenges and Opportunities for Software Model Checking

Dennis Dams, Bell Labs, USA,
StackSnuffer, Curing Orion's Unsoundness

Invited tutorial

Jiri Barnat and Lubos Brim, Brno, Czech Republic,
Parallel and Distributed Model Checking


Besides the invited talks, SPIN '07 programme consists of presentations
of 14 full papers and 4 tool papers. The complete programme can be found
at http://andorfer.cs.u​ni-dortmund.de/~edel​kamp/spin/prog.html


Dragan Bosnacki (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Stefan Edelkamp (Dortmund, Germany)

Program Committee:

Dragan Bosnacki (Eindhoven, Netherlands) (co-chair)
Matthew Dwyer (U. Nebraska, USA)
Stefan Edelkamp (Dortmund, Germany) (co-chair)
Jaco Geldenhuys (Stellenbosch, South Africa)
Patrice Godefroid (Microsoft, USA)
Suzanne Graf (Verimag, France)
Alex Groce (NASA/JPL, USA)
Joerg Hoffmann (DERI, Austria)
Gerard Holzmann (NASA/JPL, USA)
Radu Iosif (Verimag, France)
Marta Kwiatkowska (Birmingham, UK)
Stefan Leue (Konstanz, Germany)
Alberto Lluch Lafuente (Pisa, Italy)
Pedro Merino (Malaga, Spain)
Kedar Namjoshi (Bell Labs, USA)
Corina Pasareanu (NASA Ames, USA)
Doron Peled (Warwick, UK/Bar Ilan, Israel)
Paul Pettersson (Malardalen, Sweden)
Theo Ruys (Twente, Netherlands)
Antti Valmari (Tempere, Finland)
Willem Visser (SEVEN Networks, USA)
Pierre Wolper (Liege, Belgium)

Steering Committee:

Patrice Godefroid (Microsoft, USA)
Susanne Graf (Verimag, France)
Stefan Leue (U. Konstanz, Germany)
Antti Valmari (Tempere, Finland)
Moshe Vardi (Rice U., USA)
Pierre Wolper (Liege, Belgium)(chair)

Advisory Committee:

Gerard Holzmann (NASA JPL, USA) (chair)
Amir Pnueli (Weizmann Inst., Israel)

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[verimag-news] Call for Participation SPIN 2007 Marius Bozga <Marius dot Bozga at imag dot fr> Marius Bozga <Marius dot Bozga at imag dot fr> 2007-06-13 22:40:51 PDT
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