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[verimag-news] Second Call for Papers: TestCom / Fates 2007

Author Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr>
Full name Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr>
Date 2007-02-12 05:08:01 PST
Message Second Call for Papers:

                    TESTCOM / FATES '07

19th IFIP Int. Conference on Testing of Communicating Systems (TESTCOM) and
7th Int. Workshop on Formal Approaches to Testing of Software (FATES)

                     Tallinn, Estonia
                     June 26 -29, 2007
                Co-located with FORTE 2007

* February 18, 2007: Submission of abstracts
* February 25, 2007: Submission of full research papers

* Invited speakers:
   Antti Huima, Conformiq Software, (Testcom/Fates)
   Susanne Graf, Verimag, (Forte)

* Sattellite worksop: Web Services - Modeling and Testing (WS-MaTe 2007)

For the first time, IFIP TESTCOM and FATES will be conducted jointly in Tallinn
in the Summer of 2007. Bringing together the communities of these two
established testing events promises to become a major testing event of 2007. We
cordially invite you to submit testing related papers and join us in Tallinn!

Scope and objective
Testing is one of the most important techniques for validating and
checking the correctness of communication and software systems. Testing,
however, is also a laborious and very cost-intensive task during the development
process of such systems.
TESTCOM is a series of international conferences addressing the problems of
testing communicating systems, including communication protocols, services,
distributed platforms, and middleware.
FATES is an international series of workshops discussing the challenges of using
rigorous and formal methods for testing software systems, such as
communication-, control-, embedded-, administrative-, and web-based software.
TESTCOM/FATES'07 aims at being a forum for researchers, developers, testers,
vendors, and users to review, discuss, and learn about new approaches, concepts,
theories, methodologies, tools, and experiences in the field of testing of
software and communicating systems.

Topics of interest
* Aspects of testing: test derivation, test selection, test coverage, test
implementation and execution, test result analysis, test oracles, test
management, monitoring and runtime verification, test frameworks, (automatic)

* Model-based testing: (formal) models and modeling languages (automata, state
machines, process algebra, logics, SDL, UML, Markov-chains, etc.), (on-line,
off-line, on-the-fly) test generation from models, model coverage

* Different kinds of testing: functional, interoperability, performance,
conformance, security, reliability, robustness, etc.

* Different application areas: communicating systems, among which protocols,
middleware, (ad-hoc) networks, (web-)services, wireless applications, sensor
networks, control systems, business information systems, embedded (real-time)
software, web applications, etc.

* Combinations of different testing techniques, and combinations with other
validation techniques, e.g. combined verification and testing

* Test tools to support any of the testing activities

* Case studies and industrial applications of testing methodologies and test

Types of contributions
Different kinds of contributions are solicited for TESTCOM/FATES'07:

* Full theory-oriented research papers (maximum 16 pages) describing
results of theoretical or experimental research, which should be original,
significant, and sound

* Full application-oriented research papers (maximum 16 pages) describing
results of experiments with, or applications of new testing methodologies, test
tools, or industrial transfer, which should be significant, and which should
provide sufficient (quantitative) data to assess the experiment or application

* Work-in-progress, position papers, or short experience reports (maximum 4
pages; not necessarily original; lightweight reviewing; not published in the
official proceedings)

* Tool demonstration proposals (maximum 4 pages; not necessarily original; not
published in the official proceedings)

* Tutorial proposals (3 pages tutorial description)

Contributions for TESTCOM/FATES'07 have to be submitted electronically in PDF
format via the conference website http://testcom-fates07.ioc.ee.
Research papers have to follow the Springer LNCS paper format; see

All full research paper contributions will be thoroughly reviewed by the Program
Committee. Work-in-progress, position papers, short experience reports, and tool
demonstration proposals will undergo a lightweight reviewing process. Tutorial
proposals will be selected based on the expected benefit for the conference

The type of contribution - full theory-oriented research paper, full
application-oriented research paper, work-in-progress, position paper, short
experience report, tool demonstration, and tutorial proposals - must be
explicitly stated by the author(s) upon submission via the conference website.
The type of submission influences the review criteria as described in
the types of contributions.

Accepted contributions must be presented at the conference. Accepted full
research papers will be published in proceedings by Springer in the
LNCS series; see http://www.springero​nline.com/lncs. Accepted short
contributions will be published in a Technical Report of Tallinn University of
Technology with an ISBN number. LNCS formatting guidelines should be followed
both for full research papers and short contributions.

One workshop will be held as a sattellite to TESTCOM/FATES'07 on June 26, 2007:
International Workshop on Web Services - Modeling and Testing (WS-MaTe 2007),

Important dates
* February 18, 2007: Deadline for submission of abstracts of full
   research papers
* February 25, 2007: Deadline for submission of full research papers
* April 2, 2007: Notification about acceptance of full research papers
* April 13, 2007: Camera-ready copy of full research papers
* April 19, 2007: Deadline for submission of work-in-progress, position
   papers, short experience reports, tool demonstrations, tutorial proposals
* April 30, 2007: Notification about acceptance of work-in-progress, position
   papers, short experience reports, tool demonstrations, tutorial proposals
* June 26-29, 2007: Conference

Steering Committee of TESTCOM
John Derrick, Chairman, U of Sheffield, UK
Ana R. Cavalli, INT, France
Roland Groz, LSR-IMAG, France
Alexandre Petrenko, CRIM, Canada

Program Committee Co-Chairs
Alexandre Petrenko, CRIM, Canada (TESTCOM), General Chair
Margus Veanes, Microsoft Research, USA (TESTCOM)
Wolfgang Grieskamp, Microsoft Research, USA (FATES)
Jan Tretmans, Embedded Systems Institute, the Netherlands (FATES)

Program Committee
Bernhard K. Aichernig, TU Graz, Austria
Paul Baker, Motorola, UK
Antonia Bertolino, ISTI-CNR, Italy
Gregor v. Bochmann, U of Ottawa, Canada
Juris Borzovs, U of Latvia, Latvia
Rachel Cardell-Oliver, U of W. Australia, Australia
Richard Castanet, LABRI, France
Sarolta Dibuz, Ericsson, Hungary
Khaled El-Fakih, American U of Sharjah, UAE
Jens Grabowski, U of Goettingen, Germany
Wolfgang Grieskamp, Microsoft Research, USA (co-chair)
Marie-Claude Gaudel, U of Paris-Sud, France
Rob Hierons, Brunel U, UK
Teruo Higashino, Osaka U, Japan
Dieter Hogrefe, U of Goettingen, Germany
Antti Huima, Conformiq Software Ltd., Finland
Thierry Jeron, IRISA Rennes, France
Ferhat Khendek, Concordia U, Canada
Myungchul Kim, ICU, Korea
Hartmut Koenig, BTU Cottbus, Germany
Victor Kuliamin, ISP RAS, Russia
David Lee, Ohio State U, USA
Bruno Legeard, Leirios, France
Alexander Letichevsky, Institute of Cybernetics, Ukraine
Giulio Maggiore, Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy
Brian Nielsen, U of Aalborg, Denmark
Manuel Nunez, UC de Madrid, Spain
Ian Oliver, Nokia Research, Finland
Doron Peled, U of Bar-Ilan, Israel
Alexandre Petrenko, CRIM, Canada, General Chair
Alexander Pretschner, ETH, Switzerland
Harry Robinson, Google, USA
Vlad Rusu, IRISA Rennes, France
Ina Schieferdecker, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany
Kenji Suzuki, U of Electro-Communications, Japan
Jan Tretmans, Embedded Systems Institute, the Netherlands (co-chair)
Andreas Ulrich, Siemens, Germany
Hasan Ural, U of Ottawa, Canada
Mark Utting, New Zealand
M Umit Uyar, City U of New York, USA
Juri Vain, Tallinn U of Technology, Estonia
Margus Veanes, Microsoft Research, USA (co-chair)
Carsten Weise, Ericsson, Germany
Burkhart Wolff, ETH, Switzerland
Jianping Wu, Tsinghua U, China
Nina Yevtushenko, Tomsk State U, Russia
Zheng Zhang, Microsoft Research Asia, China

Local organization
TESTCOM/FATES 2007 is organized by Institute of Cybernetics, a research
institute of Tallinn University of Technology, and the Department of Computer
Science of TUT.
Local organisers are Juhan Ernits, Monika Perkmann, Jaagup Irve, Ando Saabas,
Kristi Uustalu and Tarmo Uustalu.

TESTCOM/FATES'07 will take place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia with
beautiful Medieval Old Town; see http://ioc.ee/testco​m-fates-forte07
for details

TESTCOM/FATES'07 is co-located with FORTE'07, the 26th IFIP Int. Conference on
Formal Techniques for Networked and Distributed Systems, see
http://cs.ttu.ee/FORTE07. The participants registered to one of these
conferences may freely attend the technical sessions of the other.

Further Information
For further information see the TESTCOM/FATES'07 Web site:
or contact the program committee co-chairs by sending an e-mail to

                        testcom-fates07 at ioc dot ee

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[verimag-news] Second Call for Papers: TestCom / Fates 2007 Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr> Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr> 2007-02-12 05:08:01 PST
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