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[verimag-news] Call for papers - 13th SDL forum, Paris September 2007

Author Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr>
Full name Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr>
Date 2007-01-16 14:39:34 PST
Message Call for Papers

                                    13th SDL Forum
                            Design for Dependable Systems
                     18th to 21st September, 2007, Paris, France

Important dates :
   April 2nd, 2007 Paper Submission
   April 30th, 2007 Notifications to Authors
   May 28th, 2007 Final Copy from Authors
   September 18-21, 2007 Conference

The SDL Forum is held every 2 years and is one of the most important events in
the calendar for anyone involved in System Design Languages and modelling
technologies. It is the primary conference event where the evolution and use of
these languages is discussed. The 13th SDL Forum will be held during the third
week of September 2007. It is hosted at ENST (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des
Télécommunications) in Paris, locally organized by PragmaDev and sponsored by
France Telecom.

The SDL Forum Society that runs the Forum is a non-profit organization
established by language users and tool providers to promote the Specification
and Description Language and related System Design Languages, to provide and
disseminate information on the development and use of the languages, to support
education on the languages and to plan and organize the "SDL Forum" series and
events to promote the languages.

Objectives: Complexity in IT systems is growing rapidly and quality with
reliability is ever more a priority. As UML is applied to real systems, the
inherent ambiguity from allowed “semantic variations” in UML has raised an
increasing need for profiles based on formal languages such as ITU-T
Specification and Description Language. The ongoing standardization by the ITU-T
of a UML profile based on the ITU-T Specification and Description Language
demonstrates that need, and that is why the SDL2007 conference focuses on
"Design for Dependable Systems".

The SDL Forum addresses issues related to the modelling and analysis of reactive
systems, distributed systems and real-time and complex systems such as
telecommunications, automotive, aerospace and web-based applications. The
conference programme will include:
  • presentations from invited speakers • tutorials
  • presentation of research papers • presentation of industrial experiences
  • tool demonstrations and posters • networking opportunities

The intended audience includes users of modelling techniques in industrial,
research and standardization contexts, as well as tool vendors and language

The SDL Forum Society is accredited by ITU-T as an organization contributing to
the System Design Language standards, and the timing of the 13th SDL Forum has
been chosen to be an opportunity to forward issues to related ITU-T meetings
scheduled for the following week.

Topics: The aim of the forum is to anticipate and influence the future trends
and to focus on issues that are important to its expected delegates. Authors are
therefore invited to submit papers on topics related to System Design Languages
including but not limited to:
• Design for Dependable Systems: model translation, exhaustive simulation
techniques, methodology, new language constructs and semantics, profiling;
evaluations of languages/notations; time, performance, security, and other
non-functional aspects.
• Industrial application reports: Classical application areas such as
telecommunication; emerging application areas such as automotive, aerospace,
hardware, Web-centric; new telecommunication contexts; specification,
implementation, verification and validation of real time and distributed systems.
• Promoting System Design Languages: Teaching, learning and describing the
languages; standardization; integration of and relations between standards;
methodology for the use of the languages.
• Integration of System Design Languages in theory and in tools: Use of models
in a formal way; combined use of different System Design Languages; language and
notation interoperability; integration of supporting tools.
• Model-driven development: Model-based systems engineering; analysis and
transformation of models; reuse approaches; verification and validation of
models; systematic testing based on and applied to models.

Submissions should be previously unpublished, written in English, no longer than
16 pages (including the illustrations and bibliography) and using the LNCS style
as described on http://www.springer.com/lncs. Submission will be done in
electronic form via http://www.pragmadev.com/sdl07. Acceptable file formats for
initial submission are PDF (preferred) and PostScript (compressed). Subject to
confirmation by Springer, the proceedings are to be published in the LNCS
series, as already before SDL2001, SDL2003 and SDL2005.

Organisation Emmanuel Gaudin PragmaDev, France
        SDL Forum board

PC Chair Elie Najm ENST, France

Programme Committee
Andreas Prinz Agder University College, Norway
François Michaillat Alcatel, France
Alain Rossignol Astrium, France
Birgit Geppert Avaya Labs Research, USA
Anders Olsen Cinderella, Denmark
Ferhat Khendek Concordia University, Canada
Reibert Arbring Ericsson, Sweden
Patrik Nandorf Ericsson, Sweden
Dieter Hogrefe ETSI - MTS, Germany
Pierre Combes France Telecom, France
Benoit Parreaux France Telecom, France
Ina Schieferdecker Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany
Bran Selic IBM Rational, Canada
Loïc Hélouët INRIA Rennes, France
Laurent Doldi Isoscope, France
Shashi Kumar Jönköping University, Sweden
Tae-Hyong Kim KIT, Korea
Thomas Weigert Motorola, USA
Amardeo Sarma NEC, Germany
Ian Oliver Nokia, Finland
Vesa Luukkala Nokia, Finland
Rolv Bræk NTNU, Norway
Philippe Desfray Objecteering Software, France
Eckhardt Holz Potsdam University, Germany
Martin von Löwis Potsdam University, Germany
Eric Brunel PragmaDev, France
Paul Herber Sandrila, UK
Peter Graubmann Siemens, Germany
Richard Sanders SINTEF, Norway
Jaqueline Floch SINTEF, Norway
Eldor Rødseth SystemSoft, Norway
Philippe Leblanc Telelogic, France
Anders Ek Telelogic, Sweden
Rick Reed TSE, UK
Reinhard Gotzhein Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany
Daniel Amyot Université d'Ottawa, Canada
Jens Grabowski University of Göttingen, Germany
Javier Poncela González University of Malaga, Spain
Pedro Merino Gómez University of Malaga, Spain
Birger Møller-Pedersen University of Oslo, Norway
Anna Medve University of Pannonia, Hungary
Manuel Rodríguez Cayetano University of Valladolid, Spain
Edel Sherratt University of Wales Aberystwyth, UK
Susanne Graf Verimag, France

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[verimag-news] Call for papers - 13th SDL forum, Paris September 2007 Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr> Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr> 2007-01-16 14:39:34 PST
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