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[verimag-news ] MARTES with MoDELS/UML 2005 --- Call for participation

Author Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr>
Full name Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr>
Date 2005-09-15 02:28:20 PDT
Message ********************​********************​********************​**********
     * MARTES *
     *Workshop on Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded Systems *
     * October 4, 2005 *
     * Montego Bay, Jamaica *
     * http://www.martes.org *
     * *
     * Workshop held in conjunction with MoDELS/UML 2005 *
     * http://www.umlconference.org/ *

                      Workshop date: October 4, 2005

        preliminary program: http://www.martes.or​g/programme.html

        Registration is free for participants of the Models Conference
                               and handled by them

             Deadline for early registraction: September 16, 2005


The OMG Model Driven Architecture (MDA) initiative puts forward the
idea that future process development will be centered on models, thus
keeping application development and underlying platform technology as
separate as possible. The aspects influenced by the underlying platform
technology concern mainly non functional aspects and communication

A significant result of the MDA paradigm is the possibility to build
application models that can be conveniently ported to new technologies -
like new implementation languages or middleware - with minimal effort
and risk, and that can be analyzed - directly or through model
transformation - in order to validate or/and verify real-time properties
including schedulability and performance.

In the area of DRES (Distributed, Real-time and Embedded Systems),
this model-oriented trend is also very active and promising. But DRES
have particular demands, for example concerning the modeling concepts,
the semantic interoperability of models and tools, or the use of
verification methods.

The MARTES workshop is a merge of two series of complementary workshops
that were dedicated to RT/E systems and UML : SIVOES and SVERTS.

Workshop Topics:
- Modeling RT/E using UML
       o How to specify real-time requirements and characteristics in UML
       o How to enhance UML to capture real time, embedded and distributed
         aspects in a convenient manner
       o Declarative versus operational real-time specifications
       o Notations for defining the architecture of heterogeneous systems
       o Behavior modeling
       o RT/E platforms modeling, integration of scheduling aspects
- Semantic aspects of real-time in UML
       o Formal semantics, in particular, semantic integration of
         heterogeneous systems
       o Interpretations of annotations
       o Executability of models
- Methods and tools for analysis of RT systems and components
       o Ensure consistency of timing constraints throughout the system
       o Validation of time and scheduling related properties
       o Validation of functional properties of time dependent systems

Workshop Format

This full-day workshop will consist of an introduction of the topic by
the workshop organizers, an invited presentation (to be determined),
presentations of accepted papers, and in depth discussion of previously
identified subjects emerging from the submissions. A summary of the
discussion will be made available after the workshop.

Sébastien Gérard - CEA-LIST, France
Susanne Graf - Verimag, France
Øystein Haugen - University of Oslo, Norway
Iulian Ober - Verimag, France
Bran Selic - IBM, Canada

Programme committee
Jean-Philippe Babau - INSA Lyon, France
Werner Damm - OFFIS, Germany
Eran Gery - I-Logix
Sébastien Gérard - CEA-LIST, France
Holger Giese - Paderborn Univ., Germany
Susanne Graf - Verimag, France
Øystein Haugen - Oslo Univ., Norway
David Harel - Weizmann Institute, Israel
Jozef Hooman - ESI & Univ. of Nijmegen, NL
Iulian Ober - Verimag, France
Birger Møller-Pedersen - Oslo Univ., Norway
Dorina Petriu - Carleton Univ., Canada
Robert G. Pettit - The Aerospace Corp., USA
Alan Moore - Artisan
Bran Selic - IBM, Canada
Yves Sorel - INRIA, France
Thomas Weigert - Motorola, Chicago

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[verimag-news ] MARTES with MoDELS/UML 2005 --- Call for participation Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr> Susanne Graf <Susanne dot Graf at imag dot fr> 2005-09-15 02:28:20 PDT
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