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Re: [argouml-dev] ArgoUML and GitHub

Author rastaman
Full name Ludovic Maître
Date 2015-05-28 12:49:07 PDT
Message I have cloned locally and then pushed to git the svn repository and it
has take a lot of time 8 months ago. It's here :
https://github.com/r​astaman/argouml-mave​n (with some additions for maven
but this part is a work in progress).

Also toolbar and a few other projects should be migrated for the things
to work.

Best regards,
Ludo (aka rastaman at tigris dot org)

Le 26/05/2015 14:27, Bob Tarling a écrit :
> I have nothing to add that isn't already stated regarding the effort
> here but I would +1 a move from SVN to GIT.
> Regards
> Bob
> On 21 May 2015 at 18:02, Tom Morris <tfmorris at gmail dot com
> <mailto:tfmorris@​gmail.com>> wrote:
> This is a non-trivial task. There are actually over 60 (!) repos
> with hundreds of mailing lists and thousands of
> contributors/followers plus 15 years (!) of history.
> http://www.tigris.or​g/servlets/ProjectLi​st?type=Projects​&&field=ProjectN​ame&matchValue=a​rgo&matchType=co​ntains&mode=Filt​ered&pageNum=2​&itemsPerPage=50
> Having said that Tigris has long been marginalized by the other
> forges and since it stopped accepting new projects last year, it's
> probably just a matter of time before it closes.
> There are actually three separate but related decisions to be made:
> 1. Choice of SCM - SVN, git, Mercurial (hg)
> 2. Choice of forge - Github, Bitbucket, Sourceforge, etc
> 3. Choice of ancilliary tools - mailing lists, issue tracker,
> wiki, etc (this usually defaults to whatever is provided by the
> forge, but doesn't have to)
> 4. If the lists of committers is going to be changed, that's
> another separate decision
> I don't think there's any question that git or hg would be better
> than SVN. I mostly use git, but I know hg has its supporters.
> Github is git only, but Bitbucket and Sourceforge give the option
> of choosing Mercurial.
> I use Github for other projects and, while it's certainly popular,
> it's not without its weaknesses. The issue tracker in particular
> is pretty weak and it'd be worth considering whether to use Jira
> or some other alternative instead.
> Transitioning mailing lists will be eased to some degree by the
> fact that their archived in MarkMail and the new lists could just
> be added to the current archives, but the thousands of subscribers
> would need to resubscribe (or not).
> Choosing not to migrate the issues would mean abandoning a pretty
> significant piece of the project history. That's not a decision
> to be made lightly. I've successfully used my tweaked version of
> this script to migrate issues to Github:
> https://github.com/a​rthur-debert/google-​code-issues-migrator​/pull/18
> and Tigris has a way to dump all issues in XML e.g.
> http://argoeclipse.t​igris.org/issues/xml​.cgi
> Although Github has a nice easy to use SVN importer (you just give
> it a URL), it can't deal with the ArgoEclipse SVN repo on Tigris,
> so almost certainly won't be able to deal with the main repo which
> is many times larger and more complex, so the migration will need
> to be done using svn2git locally (probably followed by a bunch of
> handtweaking/pruning to get rid of large binaries, etc).
> I'm supportive of migrating (although I'm sure there are some that
> will be nostalgic for Tigris since ArgoUML has been hosted there
> for 15 years
> <https://tigrisdotorg​.wordpress.com/2010/​05/24/and-the-result​s-are-in/>),
> but you shouldn't underestimate how much work it'll be.
> Tom
> On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 9:21 AM, Christian Heinrich
> <christian at gladbachcity dot de <mailto:christian​@gladbachcity.de>​> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just raised this question in another e-mail to this list but
> I think a
> dedicated thread might be good. I quickly used my mail client
> to search
> for this topic but I couldn't find anythin; so bare with me if I'm
> mistaken.
> GitHub has clearly become one of the most popular platforms for
> collaboration on Open Source projects; I dare say, it's todays
> most
> popular platform.
> Many projects have moved there and use the infrastructure plus
> the vast
> user base to improve their projects.
> A quick search for "ArgoUML" yields that there are currently 27
> repositories on GitHub that deal with Argo. (Link:
> https://github.com/s​earch?p=1&q=argo​uml&type=Reposit​ories&utf8=%E2%9​C%93
> )
> I'm not saying that by moving there thousands of people will
> currently
> join ArgoUML, but I think that the barrier will be
> significantly lower:
> - One can easily fork the project and commit changes; signing
> up on
> tigris.org <http://tigris.org> is not necessary and might hold
> some people back from
> contributing a quick patch.
> - Issue tracker is nicely integrated into the interface;
> discussion on
> Pull Requests possible.
> - Contributing made simple: A simple click will create a pull
> request
> and hence notify the ArgoUML team of a new feature someone
> might have
> developed.
> - Other tools support GitHub, such as travis-ci.org
> <http://travis-ci.org>, which might be
> interesting for the CI issue we're currently having.
> - One can easily use the Git workflow, no SVN needed.
> - Use GitHub pages to build a decent website.
> Personally, I'd like to see ArgoUML on GitHub but I haven't
> been very
> active for more than 6 years now (I still want to say a quick "Hi
> Thomas!").
> I'm curious what you think.
> Best regards
> Christian
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