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Re: [argouml-dev] ArgoUML and GitHub

Author tfmorris
Full name Tom Morris
Date 2015-05-21 10:02:55 PDT
Message This is a non-trivial task. There are actually over 60 (!) repos with
hundreds of mailing lists and thousands of contributors/followers plus 15
years (!) of history.


Having said that Tigris has long been marginalized by the other forges and
since it stopped accepting new projects last year, it's probably just a
matter of time before it closes.

There are actually three separate but related decisions to be made:

1. Choice of SCM - SVN, git, Mercurial (hg)
2. Choice of forge - Github, Bitbucket, Sourceforge, etc
3. Choice of ancilliary tools - mailing lists, issue tracker, wiki, etc
(this usually defaults to whatever is provided by the forge, but doesn't
have to)
4. If the lists of committers is going to be changed, that's another
separate decision

I don't think there's any question that git or hg would be better than
SVN. I mostly use git, but I know hg has its supporters. Github is git
only, but Bitbucket and Sourceforge give the option of choosing Mercurial.

I use Github for other projects and, while it's certainly popular, it's not
without its weaknesses. The issue tracker in particular is pretty weak and
it'd be worth considering whether to use Jira or some other alternative

Transitioning mailing lists will be eased to some degree by the fact that
their archived in MarkMail and the new lists could just be added to the
current archives, but the thousands of subscribers would need to
resubscribe (or not).

Choosing not to migrate the issues would mean abandoning a pretty
significant piece of the project history. That's not a decision to be made
lightly. I've successfully used my tweaked version of this script to
migrate issues to Github:
https://github.com/a​rthur-debert/google-​code-issues-migrator​/pull/18 and
Tigris has a way to dump all issues in XML e.g.

Although Github has a nice easy to use SVN importer (you just give it a
URL), it can't deal with the ArgoEclipse SVN repo on Tigris, so almost
certainly won't be able to deal with the main repo which is many times
larger and more complex, so the migration will need to be done using
svn2git locally (probably followed by a bunch of handtweaking/pruning to
get rid of large binaries, etc).

I'm supportive of migrating (although I'm sure there are some that will be
nostalgic for Tigris since ArgoUML has been hosted there for 15 years
but you shouldn't underestimate how much work it'll be.


On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 9:21 AM, Christian Heinrich <
christian at gladbachcity dot de> wrote:

> Hi,
> I just raised this question in another e-mail to this list but I think a
> dedicated thread might be good. I quickly used my mail client to search
> for this topic but I couldn't find anythin; so bare with me if I'm
> mistaken.
> GitHub has clearly become one of the most popular platforms for
> collaboration on Open Source projects; I dare say, it's todays most
> popular platform.
> Many projects have moved there and use the infrastructure plus the vast
> user base to improve their projects.
> A quick search for "ArgoUML" yields that there are currently 27
> repositories on GitHub that deal with Argo. (Link:
> https://github.com/s​earch?p=1&q=argo​uml&type=Reposit​ories&utf8=%E2%9​C%93
> )

> I'm not saying that by moving there thousands of people will currently
> join ArgoUML, but I think that the barrier will be significantly lower:
> - One can easily fork the project and commit changes; signing up on
> tigris.org is not necessary and might hold some people back from
> contributing a quick patch.
> - Issue tracker is nicely integrated into the interface; discussion on
> Pull Requests possible.
> - Contributing made simple: A simple click will create a pull request
> and hence notify the ArgoUML team of a new feature someone might have
> developed.
> - Other tools support GitHub, such as travis-ci.org, which might be
> interesting for the CI issue we're currently having.
> - One can easily use the Git workflow, no SVN needed.
> - Use GitHub pages to build a decent website.
> Personally, I'd like to see ArgoUML on GitHub but I haven't been very
> active for more than 6 years now (I still want to say a quick "Hi
> Thomas!").
> I'm curious what you think.
> Best regards
> Christian
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