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Re: [argouml-dev] Maven release process

Author phidias
Full name Mark Fortner
Date 2014-09-05 07:49:04 PDT
Message A lot of projects are moving towards gradle. Usually they're projects that
have nonstandard project layouts. I've used gradle myself on a couple of of
projects. I tend to prefer Maven though because there's no guesswork
involved when it comes to building the project. Clean always cleans,
install always installs, and I don't have to hunt through the build for the
target needed to create executable jars. But that's probably just me. ;-)

On Sep 5, 2014 2:02 AM, "Bob Tarling" <bob dot tarling at gmail dot com> wrote:

> I'm no great expert on Maven or Gradle but I am working on a team that
> currently has a Gradle setup. The Maven guys in the team were easily
> convinced when they saw a Gradle demo to move from one to the other.
> Gradle builds our CI and release buids and also configures eclipse for us
> with the same script.
> The advantages are that the convention or configuration approach is far
> easier to get around in old projects like ours that were developed without
> such convention. The syntax is also a lot terser without needing all the
> XML tags.
> There are plenty of sites around.comparing gradle to maven that supports
> this.
> I now build GEF with gradle but of course the build script for that is
> simple anyway.
> Bob
> On 4 September 2014 21:59, Ludovic Maître <ludovic dot maitre at free dot fr> wrote:
>> Hi dear developers of ArgoUML,
>> I would like to know if there is any issue opened about the problem
>> encountered while releasing argouml with maven ? I have read that there
>> is still problems with the release process with maven and would like to
>> know if there is already a list of the issues related to this ? I think
>> this project could be really useful and would like to know how to help
>> to better packaging it from/for maven ! IIRC there is still an IzPack
>> installer with the maven plugin configuration stored somewhere in the
>> issues, among other things.
>> Best regards, keep up the good work, Argo is still the best OSS UML/case
>> tool ! :-)
>> Ludo
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