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Re: ArgoUML &lt;-&gt; Rational Rose

Author Peter Lord <peter dot lord at ntl dot com>
Full name Peter Lord <peter dot lord at ntl dot com>
Date 2000-03-06 08:25:39 PST
Message Jason Elliot Robbins wrote:

> If you want to jump in, you can experiment with the version that uses
> the UML 1.3 metamodel. To get it,


I managed to get argo-nsuml, get the related jars, compile it up and get it
started! New diagrams ! Yippe!

Using this version, I saved a new model and tried to use the Rose 2K XMI import
.... after supplying the uml13.dtd file, rose failed to read the file [with no
errors!] :-(

So, I tried another suggestion - use the IBM "xmialpha" toolkit to convert to
and from Rose mdl files and xmi files [more classpath problems, xmialpha
requires swing 1.0.3]. This uses uml11i.dtd BTW.

I managed to convert a rose file to an xmi file and back to a rose file okay,
but I still couldn't do much with the argouml files. I could generate a rose
file using the IBM toolkit, but rose failed to read this in.

Rose uses an xmi module written by Unisys, this has a "uml.dtd".

Curt Arnold suggested using the IBM toolkit to validate the xmi files produced
by argouml. Anyone got any ideas how to do this?

I do have Rose 2k to hand, so if anyone wants some sample Rose outputs, then I
can provide.

Hmmm ... I'm not at all sure what to try next. Could I, for example, replace
Rose's uml.dtd file with arouml's uml13.dtd file and export the rose model?



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Re: ArgoUML &lt;-&gt; Rational Rose Peter Lord <peter dot lord at ntl dot com> Peter Lord <peter dot lord at ntl dot com> 2000-03-06 08:25:39 PST
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