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XMI format,/ArgoUML&lt;-&gt;Rose/SVG

Author carnold
Full name Curt Arnold
Date 2000-03-04 11:27:51 PST
Message The OMG site is definitely dog slow and unintuitive so I can't back this up
from the actual XMI spec, but it is more implied from the IBM XMI Toolkit
available at http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com. The IBM toolkit converts
Rational Rose .mdl files to and from XMI and I assume is compatible with the
schema used for Rational Rose 2000. Since probably most developers here
don't have access to Rational Rose 2000 or a couple of grand that want to
blow, making sure that the generated XMI validates against the DTD for XMI
and is successfully converted with the XMI toolkit is probably the most
reasonable test for ArgoUML. After you pass that test, then someone can
test against Rational Rose 2K. The XMI toolkit comes with the DTDs and a
couple .mdl files that you could convert to XMI and use to test ArgoUML
reading XMI.

In addition to a DTD for expressing the UML model in XML, XMI apparently
(and the XMI toolkit implements) a technique to generate a really ugly DTDs
from UMLs model to capture instance data. I think this is what got Arnaud
thinking that there wasn't a DTD for XMI.

On the SVG front, In case you weren't aware, SourceExchange has a RFP to add
SVG support to the graphics package used by ArgoUML. This would make it
very easy to embed UML diagrams into web pages using browser plug-ins like
those from Adobe's. The RFP is for $7500.

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XMI format,/ArgoUML&lt;-&gt;Rose/SVG carnold Curt Arnold 2000-03-04 11:27:51 PST
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