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Re: ArgoUML &lt;-&gt; Rational Rose

Author Peter Lord <Peter dot Lord at ntl dot com>
Full name Peter Lord <Peter dot Lord at ntl dot com>
Date 2000-03-03 13:58:10 PST
Message Jason Elliot Robbins wrote:

> Hi Pete,
> >Being new to ArgoUML, I must say, I'm very impressed!
> Thanks, I always love to hear that. A lot of people have worked on
> ArgoUML and it is really starting to pay off.

Yes, it does generally have the feel of a well thought out development
project rather than something thrown together quickly! I look forward to
following the project and helping out where I can.

> >However, today I did a quick test to see if I could transfer the ArgoUML
> >xmi files to/from Rational Rose 2000 (with the XMI plugin installed). I
> >tried getting Rose to read in Argo's xmi files and tried reading in
> >Rose's smi files into Argo .... both failed.
> ArgoUML started using XMI back when the standard was an early draft.
> Unfortuantely it never kept up with later revisions to the standard.
> The effort to upgrade is underway now. We have an experiemental
> version with support for UML 1.3 in our CVS repository at
> argouml.tigris.org.

I grabbed the latest from CVS a day or so ago. Is it worth me experimenting
with Rose <-> argouml conversions ? Or should this "just work" at sometime.
I'm more than happy to dig deeper into my problem here, but I'm afraid I'm
jumping without thinking!

> If you are on this mailing list, you should probably also join the
> older ArgoUML mailing list at http://www.egroups.c​om/group/argo-dev/
> At some point that list will move over to tigris.org, but it will take
> some time.

Okay, I have done. Thanks for the tip.



> jason!
> ====================​====================​====================​==========
> Jason Robbins, Ph.D. Collab.Net is hiring open source developers!
> Senior Software Engineer http://www.collab.net/jobs
> ====================​====================​====================​==========

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